Toddlers playing

Early childhood education in a safe place

Almost Home Academy will well and truly be the
nearest thing to home for your baby or young child.
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Leave your tiny one in good hands

Discovery is the name of the game with infants. Every moment of every day they are absorbing everything they are presented with - sights, smells, tastes, sounds, and sensations. At Almost Home Academy your baby will be presented with all sorts of new experiences to be explored in a calm, safe and soothing environment.

Learning to move and exist in the world

At Almost Home Academy our toddlers play and discover new things every moment of every day in a safe environment - rich with experiences that can be met safely and a predictable routine that will help your child thrive and learn. Your child's personality will well and truly start to shine through!

Safe interaction and social learning

At age two, your child will enjoy asserting themselves in every way possible - introduce them to an environment which they are safely able to control and enjoy in their own way. The introduction of open-ended play and learning social skills will be the focus of your child's curriculum in our Two's class.

Full- and part-time openings available!

Kenosha, WI

Racine, WI

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